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Home Value Improvement

When considering home construction projects, such as finishing basements or adding extra living spaces like covered patios, realtors and DIY enthusiasts should prioritize these enhancements. They often lead to quicker property sales and offer excellent return on investment for their clients.


Finished basements create valuable, multifunctional areas, while additional living rooms and covered patios enhance comfort and appeal. These improvements attract potential buyers, elevating property values and ensuring a faster sale with a promising return on investment for homeowners.

Outdoor Living Space Veteran Roofing U.S.A.

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Finish Basements


Add Egress Windows

Build Sheds

Detached Garage




Living space Additions






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Property Managers


Property Solutions

Austin Grady Builders and Veteran Roofing are your ultimate solution for property managers in Colorado seeking top-notch construction services. We proudly wear the title of Storm Damage Pros, handling everything from hail, wind, flood, extreme heat, to blizzards. With a dedicated and skilled team, we ensure your properties are restored to perfection, no matter the challenge.


Our commitment doesn't end there; we're also your partners in property enhancement. We offer complimentary estimates, and our expertise extends to upgrades that breathe new life into your properties. Reach out to us today at (303) 945-4426 and let our enthusiasm and confidence transform your construction needs into a seamless and successful experience. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

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