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Storm Damage &
Emergency Repairs

Here you will find all of the services Veteran Roofing  provides for your storm damage and emergency repair needs. Was your home recently hit by a hail storm or did you have a roof cave in? We can help! Our project managers are experienced at working with insurance companies to get the most out of a claim. Let us take the worry and hassle out of the way!



Did you know that hail is the biggest problem Colorado faces? Hailstones can be destructive to homes with damage varying greatly depending on the size and speed at which they fall. Hailstorms can cause dents in aluminum siding, shingles and gutters or even crack vinyl siding, asphalt roofs or wood shakes, essentially anything exposed to a storm.

rain damage.webp


An intense downpour or a series of moderate rainstorms can cause severe roof damage. Heavy rain can cause shingles to buckle or curl, especially if they are already showing signs of wear and tear. When shingles are worn down, they begin to deteriorate, making them more likely to break in a rainstorm. And once there is even a small area of your roof exposed, your interior is very likely to incur water damage

snow damage.jpg


Roofs are very susceptible to winter damage due to the weight and moisture of the snow. Ice dams can form and moisture can eventually make it's way under your shingles. Snow load is the downward force on a building’s roof caused by the weight of accumulated snow and ice. When too much snow, or a mix of snow and ice, get too heavy, it can cause your roof to collapse.

wind damage.jpg


When high winds hit a roof, shingles can loosen or fall off, leaving the roof exposed to the elements. If wind speeds are very high, even new, secure shingles can tear away. Other wind damage to a roof includes damage caused by falling objects and debris such as tree branches and downed powerlines.

*45-57 MPH Tear tree branches and loose shingles

*58-74 MPH Uprooting of trees and tears off even new shingles

*75-89 MPH Widespread tree damage, severe roof and building damage

*90+ MPH Significant roof damage

tree damage.jpg

Downed Trees

A fallen tree can be very damaging and disastrous. One way trees can damage your roof is by overhanging branches. If a windstorm were to occur, it could cause a branch to break, fall on your roof, and cause damage to the shingles. Another way damage can be caused, is by downed trees. This can cause significant damage, such as a partial collapse of your roof.

Are you experiencing any of these problems? Don't let your roof go exposed for too long. Schedule your free inspection today!
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