Veteran Roofing LLC's Limited Lifetime Warranty serves to guarantee the workmanship of the roof installed by Veteran Roofing LLC. Veteran Roofing LLC will repair any leaks or defects for the maximum life of the roofing materials, as designated by the manufacturer at

no cost to the property owner.

Warranty is voided from any damage or events designated as weather related

catastrophes or insurable losses including but not limited to: Hailstones larger than

.50 inches, wind damage, wind driven rain, tree damage, excess snow causing structure

failure, ice dams, fire, or tornado. Manufacturing defects, and manufacturer warranty

becoming void. Any roofing work, inspections, modifications, repairs, or additions

performed by anyone other than Veteran Roofing LLC including but not limited to:

vents, skylights, cable wires or satellite dishes, holiday lights and/or decorations,

or installation of solar to roof by company not approved by Veteran Roofing LLC.

Warranty Limitations: Does not cover solar panels, skylights, skylight cladding, satellite dishes, leaks in siding, pipe boots, sealant existing on nails, previous leaks or damage, mold, asbestos.