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Outdoor Living Space

At Veteran Roofing, we take pride in giving your backyard the style of life you've been dreaming of!


A little getaway and a place to breathe, so why not spend it outside in a new outdoor space?


Renovating your home’s exterior living areas increases your livable space and is perfect for entertaining guests along with increasing the market value of your home! 

Ask us about:

  • Patio Covers

  • Decks

  • Pergolas

Outdoor Living Space Veteran Roofing U.S.A.

Custom Additions

There are many perks to having a garage or shed added on your property. Do you have lot's of stuff you don't know where to put? Are you afraid your car will get damaged from the hail storms we get each year?


A garage will help protect your vehicle(s) from all weather and gives you a space to store boxes, cleaning supplies or gardening tools.

A shed will give you more out-of-home storage space, a safe space to keep tools, or even become a detached office/work space! Can you say a "She-Shed?!" 

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

Veteran Roofing works with homeowners and partners to plan, price, design, finance, and build an ADU on their residential property.

Click below to learn more:

Custom ADU Veteran Roofing U.S.A.


At Austin Grady Builders, we take pride in our expert framing services, the backbone of any well-constructed building. Our skilled team of craftsmen possess years of experience in framing, ensuring that your project will have a sturdy and reliable foundation. Whether it's a residential home, commercial structure, or any other construction project, our framing expertise is at the core of our commitment to quality and durability. We use top-grade materials and employ precision techniques to create the framework for your dream project. From walls and roofs to structural support, our framing services are the foundation upon which your vision will become a reality. Trust Austin Grady Builders to deliver the strength and structural integrity your project deserves

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